Ireland's only working meadery in 150
      years. Mead is fermented from honey and fruits and we ferment our
      Kinsale Mead off dry and wine strength 12% ABV as we want to have
      it with food. We started making it last year in Kinsale. We are
      offering three flavours, Atlantic Dry Mead, a traditional style
      mead made with raw Spanish orange blossom honey, which won a gold
      medal at the International Mazer Cup, the Olympics of mead! This
      is served chilled or half and half with tonic makes for a
      refreshing drink. It's lovely with seafood, herby pasta or light
      desserts. We also have a melomel style mead, Wild Red Mead which
      uses Wexford blackcurrants and dark cherries fermented with the
      honey. This is lovely with duck or sticky BBQ ribs or with strong
      cheese or dark chocolate.