HYDE Irish Whiskey is helping to revive the lost art of
      independent Irish whiskey ‘Bonding’ through the independent
      ageing and blending of premium Irish whiskey sourced from only
      the very best distilleries in Ireland.

      At HYDE they take carefully hand select fine Irish whiskey, made
      by only the very best Irish distilleries, which they then in turn
      ‘finish’ in different vintage  oak cask types that they
      source from around the world.

      HYDE primarily finishes its whiskey in Sherry, Rum, Bourbon and
      Burgundy casks. But they are also working on aging HYDE whiskey
      in Port, Madeira, Cognac and IPA Beer casks.

      HYDE Irish whiskey ages and finishes its whiskey in a Bonded
      warehouse in Little Island, County Cork.

      HYDE also source ‘new make’ whiskey, made to their own very
      strict specification, from two of the best Irish distilleries.
      This new make whiskey spirit is also aged in their own casks in
      their Bonded warehouse in Little Island.

      The time and effort that HYDE put into sourcing vintage casks
      from around the world is what allows them to take a great Irish
      whiskey and make it taste event better. This is why they have won
      just so many internationally recognised world whiskey awards for
      their HYDE whiskey.

      Comments or Notes:
      The HYDE family has been involved in the Irish drinks business
      for over ten generations, since 1640. Today HYDE whiskey is
      matured and ‘finished’ at a bonded warehouse in Little
      Island, County Cork, on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Southwest

      The HYDE family have a long tradition of being involved in the
      drink business in Ireland. The HYDE’s were well known bar
      owners at ‘Tinker's Cross’ just outside Bandon in West Cork,
      from 1640 to 1962. Here the Hyde’s would sell fine Irish
      whiskey and draught Murphy’s Stout straight from wooden oak
      casks that they would tap with a wooden mallet and a brass tap.
      This same HYDE Bar was also the HYDE Blacksmith's forge for over
      300 years. The HYDE family were Vintners here for over ten

      Today the HYDE family continue that tradition and passion for the
      age old craft of ‘Bonding’ and purveying smooth Irish whiskey
      to their very strict standards. HYDE is careful to hand select
      only the very finest Irish whiskey, made by only the very best
      Irish whiskey distilleries, which they then in turn ‘finish’
      in a variety of vintage oak casks sourced directly from
      distilleries and bodegas around the world.

      Today, Conor Hyde is the first generation of Hyde’s not to own
      or be born in a pub in West Cork, Ireland, but he continue the
      HYDE reputation for bonding and purveying some of Ireland’s
      finest Irish whiskey.

      Just like many of these other Bonded whiskey brands  that have
      originated independently HYDE do not have their own HYDE whiskey
      distillery right now but that does not say that they will not
      invest in a distillery at some point in the future, should the
      opportunity present itself.