Galtee Honey Farm  began in 1970 and is owned by the Mac Giolla
      Coda family - a well known as a beekeeping family in Ireland.
      They protect and conserve the Native Irish Black Honey Bees. They
      place their beehives in biodiverse areas such as old woods and
      farms with plenty of hedgerows and wild areas.

      Galtee Honey is raw and unpasteurised. Available in the jar or
      straight from the comb. Their bees collect honey from a variety
      of flora, which can include blackberry blossom, dandelion,
      hawthorn, white clover, horse chestnut, sycamore, ling heather,
      bell heather and ivy.  Their honey has won many prizes over the

      They make beeswax candles by hand in small batches.  They only
      use only 100% Irish beeswax from their own bees, no artificial
      waxes or chemicals.

      They produce a range of moisturising skin creams and balms
      containing beeswax, honey and natural ingredients.