Vaccines, according to the British Medical Journal, represent one of the most the most significant medical advances of the last 150 years alongside sanitation, antibiotics, and anaesthesia. Yet some people still have questions about vaccines, and in some communities, anti-vaccination sentiment is growing even though The World Health Organisation has shown that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks. 

Why are vaccines essential to our HEALTH and wellbeing? What role does TRUST play in the public dialogue about vaccines? What does the EVIDENCE say? Science Gallery Dublin, in partnership with Ballymaloe Festivals, have gathered a panel of experts to explore these questions and more. The discussion will be broken into two parts — giving an opportunity to dig deeper and explore this significant scientific contribution to public health.

The panel will be moderated by Lynn Scarff, Director of Science Gallery, and will include experts in paediatrics, immunology and public health.

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