As a food writer, Domini has long been interested in healthy eating, but cancer, and a consultation with Patricia to learn how to manage it, set her off in a whole new direction: nutrient-dense, low-carb food, and its benefits for overall health, whether you’ve cancer or not. Her café, Alchemy, has pioneered this approach in Dublin and won her many fans along the way.

The Ketogenic Kitchen is about sharing what we’ve learned (and what we’ve learned has worked) as we delve deeper into the science of nutrition and explore its complex and illuminating relationship with human health, both physical and mental.

It’s also our promise to you to keep on the case – to keep researching and learning the ‘science bit’, and then testing and tasting the results: tasty, nutritious food to get you well and help you stay well, together with all the other things we know are good for us: exercise, sleep, stay away from cigarettes and – perhaps most importantly – stay connected to friends and family.

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