Come join Cat Bradley Yoga for a fun packed flow class. This class will be suitable for all levels but be prepared for high energy, fast paced style with some fun workshop segments to break down some of the more challenging coveted poses which will include arm balances and yes even some inversions.  But don't worry if you're new I will always find to enable everyone to explore these poses at their levels. There will be something for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Cx

Hi, my name is Lorraine, probably better known as Cat Bradley Yoga. I started Yoga reluctantly  due to challenging flexibility issues, about 10 years ago but after about 3 years of regular practice I quickly developed a passion for yoga so much so that I went on to become a certified teacher and now I spend every spare minute passing on my enthusiasm & love of Yoga. I've trained with some of the best teachers in the world and now developed my own unique style which is high energy and I try to instil the belief that anyone at any age (I'm 40 yrs old) can do anything they put their mind to. Everything is possible with a little help and maybe a small cheat here and there.

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