November 2021

The Ballymaloe Craft Fair COVID-19 Safety Measures



Over the past 10 years, the Ballymaloe Craft Fair has built a national reputation as the pre-eminent craft show outside of Dublin. Hosted on the grounds of Ballymaloe House and Farm and using the facilities of the Ballymaloe Grainstore, the fair will be managed to the same professional and careful standard as all events held on the Ballymaloe grounds.

Ballymaloe House is a family-run Country House Hotel on 300 acres of farmland located in the East Cork countryside. The Grainstore is located on the grounds and is a versatile space that has been used for weddings, life occasions, corporate meetings, team building and fairs. Since March 2020, the Grainstore has remained empty, only opening its doors more recently as guidelines allowed and restrictions eased.

The soft re-opening to public and private events has allowed Ballymaloe Grainstore to ensure the safety of guests, and that guidelines and health measures are in place and adhered to. Infection control measures are in place which include regularly cleaning and sanitizing of stalls, toilets, public area touchpoints such as door handles, railings, buttons etc.

The Ballymaloe Craft Fair will utilise the space and facilities afforded by the Grainstore, along with the food producers area, the Big Shed, and grounds. All spaces are co-located within a large area ensuring that safety measures and  adequate space for traffic flow are in place throughout the area.

Government and HSE resources guiding the safety measures are:

Bord Failte Guidelines for Re-Opening All Sectors:


Bord Failte Guidelines for Re-Opening: Business Event Venues:


Government of Ireland Public Health Updates:


Infection control measures are informed by the following government, HSA and HSE guidelines:


All necessary signage will be erected in entry ways, the washroom facilities, stairwells, and corridors. Social distancing, face coverings in indoor areas and crowded outdoor spaces and sanitizing guidelines will also be reinforced through signage.  All staff working at the Craft Fair will be informed of essential hygiene safeguards and infection control measures.  Contact logs will be held at the access point to the Craft Fair in the event that contact tracing is required.

The Ballymaloe Craft Fair will continue to monitor HSE/Government guidelines:


Updates from the HSE/NPHET/Government will also be monitored:


Management of Access

Access to the Ballymaloe Craft Fair will be through the box office. The box office is located at the entrance to the fair. Staff will be in place to answer any queries, and to provide direction to guests. Fencing and signage regarding social distancing will be in place in the queue area. As per Government guidelines, staff will check records of vaccinations and proof of immunity as well as updating the contact log before guests get to the box office.

There will be separate entry and egress points for all buildings. These will be clearly marked/signposted.

Car Park

Car parking will be provided in clearly signposted areas, allowing sufficient space for the expected volume of guests, along with overflow space if required . Foot traffic will be directed to the box office in the first instance, where staff will manage queuing and social distancing.

Hand Hygiene

There will be hand sanitising stations at every entrance/exit to each building.  Hand sanitizer will also be placed in all washroom facilities and at each stall and food outlet.

There will be signs in all communal areas and at entry and exit points reminding guests to sanitise their hands. Supplies will be monitored and replenished regularly by appointed staff and stall holders.

Cleaning of Work and Common-Use Areas/Frequently Touched Surfaces:

Stallholders will  clean the surface of their stalls regularly. Lidded bins will be provided for any wipes and paper towels. Bins will be emptied regularly by appointed staff during the Craft Fair.

All public areas, including washroom facilities will be regularly cleaned and sanitized by a member of the cleaning staff.

COVID-19 Presentation of Symptoms

In the event that a staff member, stall holder or guest displays symptoms of COVID-19, the following steps will be taken by the Ballymaloe Craft Fair.

  • The individual will be asked if they feel well enough to travel home. If they do, they will be immediately assisted to their vehicle and advised to call their doctor and self-isolate at home.
  • If they are unable to travel home immediately, and require assistance from family/friends, the individual will be assisted to the Ballymaloe Craft Fair isolation room by the most direct, safest route., maintaining a 2- meter distance at all times. They will remain there until ready to leave the fair.
  • Access to the isolation is only available to appointed staff and is not being used for any other purpose during the fair. No access will be permitted to the public and non-appointed staff.
  • The Ballymaloe Craft Fair will provide advice and assistance if contacted by the HSE.

Emergency Response

St. John’s Ambulance will be on site for the entirety of the Craft Fair. The team will include two (2)  medics and an ambulance.


All staff, stallholders and guests are required to wear face coverings as per national guidelines


COVID‐19 signage will be on display throughout all the areas of the Craft Fair, including outside areas, inside craft buildings, the box office and public washroom facilities. Signage will include hand-washing technique, social distancing regulations and health and safety precautions. Inside buildings, signage will mark out traffic flow in, through and out of the buildings.