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We are delighted to now be accepting applications for Stalls at the Ballymaloe Craft Fair 2019.

Once your application has been approved a link will be sent via email with payment details for your allocated space.

Please note: 

  • Wall space will only be allocated to artists with hanging work.
  • We have limited wall spaces between the Grainstore and Carrigaun room. These will be held for stall holders on a first paid basis. I will not be allocating actual spaces until the week before the event.
  • We are offering single stall spaces in the Grainstore only. If you want a double stall then I recommend the Carrigaun room or Big Shed.
  • Stall spaces in the Grainstore and Carrigaun room are based on a 6ft x 2 ft trestle table.
  • Stall spaces in the Big Shed and Vintage Hub are 6ft x 6ft space.
  • A 6ft x 2ft Trestle table is included in your fee. An extra trestle table can be ordered with a cost of €15.00
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Ballymaloe Grainstore Multi Purpose Venue


The cost for stalls is as follows, VAT of 23% not included until checkout.

  • Grainstore downstairs Wall €260
  • Grainstore downstairs center €260
  • Grainstore upstairs €230.00
  • Carrigaun Room €210
  • Vintage Hub single(small shed) €160
  • Vintage Hub double €300
  • Big Shed Corner €350
  • Big Shed wall or centre single €180.00
  • Big Shed wall or centre double €350
  • Food Emporium in Big Shed €180
  • Food Stall Outside €180.00
  • Extra Trestle Table €15.00
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For our website and social media purposes
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For our website and social media purposes
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Your Application
Preferred location
(not guaranteed but we do try and give everyone their first choice. Please number 1, 2, 3 with 1 being your 1st choice and 3 being 3rd choice)

Terms & Conditions

  • Your space in the Ballymaloe Craft Fair is not confirmed until payment has been received and you get a confirmation email from the organisers
  • We will do our utmost to give you your first preference for stall location, if your first preference is not available you will be allocated your second preference, and refunded the difference in price over the weekend.
  • A 6ft x 2ft table will be supplied and is included in your payment. This must be covered with a cloth to the floor.
  • Every stall must use a cloth to cover the table to the floor
  • Stalls in the Big Shed should bring extra lights for their display
  • Electricity is available to every stall holder 
  • Stalls are not to be left unattended.
  • You are required to be in attendance for all opening hours.
  • Your stall must be set up by 5pm Friday evening.
  • We are allocating every stall holder 10 passes to the Friday night opening to be used on Social Media for competitions.
  • If you would like to invite a guest on the Friday night to specifically see your stall please send Bree their email address and they will be emailed a ticket. 
  • The Friday night will be open to the public along with invited guests from Cork retailers and bloggers.
  • Please be thoughtful of others when parking. Please try not to block the access. Unload your car as quickly as possible and remove it immediately to the designated parking area beyond the Big Shed.